The Muttering Retreats (bitsofbeauty) wrote in non_profit,
The Muttering Retreats

appropriate donation for a free resource

Hi guys, 

I took on the role of organizing this month's volunteer social and was able to swing a free space donated by a local church. When I got in contact with the church originally, I mentioned having limited funds in the organization and that I was hoping for something free or very cheap.

In response to my proposal, they have given us a room free of charge to host our event for about 3 hours but they mentioned that any donations will be gratefully accepted.

Obviously, we plan to make a donation, especially since I'm hoping to be able to keep working with them in the future. My question to you is this: what is an appropriate amount to donate in this situation?

I tried doing some online research, but my search has turned up nothing I can refer to. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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