antieuclid (antieuclid) wrote in non_profit,

Tips for a newbie?

Hi, I started out about eight months ago as the receptionist at my mosque. Since then, my job has pretty much morphed into financial manager. It's a long story. Anyway, I've managed to pick up the accounting half of things pretty easily, but I'd like to start working more on fundraising and long term planning. Basically, no one around here has done any of that. At all. We don't even have a budget drawn up for this year. But I'm just the random college student they hired to answer the phone, and while I'm good at picking things up on the fly, I have zero experience with things like budgets. I'd like to eventually get to the point where I'm actually, you know, qualified for the job I'm in, and I was hoping some of you might have tips for courses I should take or books I should get. I think I can probably get approval for about $200 in books, and we'd have to see about the courses.
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