Emily (orion_78) wrote in non_profit,

Free Tax Refund This Year

I intern for a non-profit called S.E.L.F - Solar Electric Light Fund. What we do is set up solar energy light sources in third world countries to give their wellbeing and economy a second chance.

Something really big happened this year, in that Congress passed a law saying that a tax that has been on everyone's phone bill for 108 years was illegal. It was originally put on there for the Spanish-American War. And we were still being taxed for it until now.

So what Congress is doing is letting us get that money back in a one-time-only refund.

What happened for our organization, however, is that another non-profit org called Refunds For Good was set up to try and get people to donate this refund (since it is free money anyway).

Our organization was chosen to be one of three non-profit orgs that this money would be given to. So now the job remains to us to inform people about this refund and encourage them to give to RFG.

You can go here: http://www.refundsforgood.org to learn more about it

There is also a humorous YouTube video that was made about this subject here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCOwDKz3Q9g

And, of course, for more information on the non-profit that I work for, here is the link: http://www.self.org

Thank you all for reading!
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