Liz (cant_wake_up) wrote in non_profit,

Need Ideas

I was wondering if I could get some advice or ideas from you all about fundraising and getting public attention for the non-profit I run - A Small Victory ( Please visit our site to get more information about what we do but we are small non-profit in Washington State and in need of donations.
My husband, my dad and I were talking about the next step for publicity and fundraising for ASV. We were talking about me writing a personal letter (vs. a professional business style letter) to all the newspapers, news channels and radio stations to inform them of ASV. That's how my husband had a Yahoo! article written about his website, because of that article we brought in $18,000 in one month. We also were talking about a letter writing campaign to The Seattle Times (our largest local newspaper) from everyone that believes in ASV to try to get an article written about us.
So, do any of these sound like good ideas to you? How formal should I write the letter to the media? Email or typed letter on company letterhead? What should I include in the letter? If we do a letter writing campaign should I tell people what to say in their letters?
Do you have any other ideas to get media attention and more donations rolling in?
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September 26 2006, 05:22:51 UTC 11 years ago

have you considered applying for grants and loans?
We don't want to do a loan but we have looked into grants a bit though we know very little aboout them and can't seem to find one that fits what we do.