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fundraising amounts

hi everyone,

So glad to find this comm. :D I have a question for those of you that do grant applications and that kind of thing.

I run a (very) small nfp whose goal is to increase science literacy of P-12 students in my province. We operate by coordinating volunteer visits by scientists to schools across my province, and we've been around for almost 20 years. I have been working on grant applications for the last couple of weeks, and I am curious to compare what I have been doing to what other people do.

I've been asking a variety of businesses and corporations for money, and I seem to be fixated on asking for $5k. Our annual operating budget is anywhere from 30-35K a year (and a good piece of that is my salary - I'm the only employee). My rationale has been that asking for $10k might be pushing my luck, since I'm not sure of the average amount that the companies tend to give out, and that asking for amounts between $1k and $5k is a little low since they might have been willing to give more and I don't want to ask for too little. $5k seemed like a nice compromise.

My supervisor is of the opinion that $5k is on the low side and especially with tech companies and oil companies and such on the list of possible donors, I should be asking for $10K as an average. Does this sound like a reasonable perspective? How do you guys decide how much to ask for?

thanks!! I look forward to any comments.
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